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It Was a Splendid Evening

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(NSFW)Hot blonde with big tits
  SleepyHead, Oct 20 2012

Come for the tits, stay for the poker!

I started playing at my local casino, and I decided to make this blog so I can give my thoughts and record live hands that I play. When you play online, you can post hands on forums and talk about them with good players. When you play live small stakes in a middle-of-nowhere casino with terrible players, it's harder to find solid players to talk to about poker. I think players can fall in to a lot of bad habits in this situation. Hopefully this blog will help.

I went to the casino for the 2nd time yesterday. I played 1-2 both times and have yet to see a decent player. None of them know how to value bet and they all play way too many hands in a way too passive way.

I played one kind of interesting hand. I don't remember the amounts or all of the action pre-flop but it was a hu pot where I raised in position and he called. I had 53hh or something awful. He checked in the dark. The flop was A high with 3 spades. I bet like 2/3 pot and he called and checked in the dark again. The turn was like Qc I think. I checked and he bet about 1/2 pot in the dark lol. I think this was his way of trying to steal position or something. The river brought a 4th spade and I raised 3x his bet and he sheepishly folded pretty quickly.

There was another hand where I raised with ATss and a loose 30 something half stack called out of the blinds. Flop was A66 two hearts. He checked and I bet about 3/4 pot and he called. Turn was a total blank, 4s or something. He checked and I put him all in for about 3/4 pot. He slowrolled AQ for about a minute and then jumped up and fist pumped when he won the hand.

These hands are out of order, but at some point this guy to my right raised on the button and I called out of the blinds with 9s9h. I 3bet him twice earlier and he grudgingly folded both times. HU pot, flop was something along the lines of 843 two hearts. I checked, he bet about 1/2 pot and I called. The turn brought the Jh. I checked and he bet pot. I didn't see him betting this strong with any made hand other than a flush, and his sizing on the flop was funny for a semi-bluff, so I tanked for a little bit and called. The river brought a 4th heart. I checked and he looked agitated and checked back. I said "flush" and turned over my hand, and he got really agitated and turned over 33 for a flopped set. I think my thought process was sound in that hand and he's just a weird bad player, but comments are welcome.

I hope it's ok to post these here:

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